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Silicone sheets and membranes

Comitec’s silicone membranes are used in many sectors amongst which:

Wood veneering

Glass lamination

Photovoltaic panel lamination

Sublimation of colour on aluminium

Material thermoforming

Composite materials vacuum lamination

Superior quality product

Our 300 SIL 50-BL silicone membranes, unlike most other membranes available on the market, ensure high performances, thanks to the special formulation of the compound and to the use of premium quality raw materials besides scrupulous checks along the whole production process.

 Years of experience have allowed us to develop in house silicone junction techniques which give us the possibility to create both membranes and silicone bags with whichever requested dimension.

Our junctions never compromise the mechanical characteristics and ensures ≥80% of the breaking load of the standard material.

Our standard version membranes are completely smooth and opaque on one side, whilst the opposite side has a fabric pattern.

Other fabric patterns available, from very thin and light to big and thick, for example the the pattern shown in photo has been developed to ensure and increased air suction to enhance vacuuming operations.

Another fundamental characteristic of our silicone compound its is great resistance to high temperatures.

Our silicone membranes maintain their elasticity also after thousands of uses, and when confronted with with our competitor’s membranes (both European and non European) after 70 h. at 250°C huge quality differences arise, therefore we are able to guarantee that our membranes are capable of lasting three to four times longer than competitor’s membranes.

With minimum quantities we can develop and produce membranes with exclusive formulations for your specific projects, besides this we can also produce membranes with particular shapes and dimensions (for example cubic shaped, cone shaped, tubes etc.)

We produce and always keep in our stock the following sizes:


1700 mm & 2000 mm width


0.7 mm / 1 mm / 1.5 mm / 2 mm / 3 mm thickness

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