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Are you searching for rubber or silicone membranes and sheets for membrane presses for veneering?

Discover the secrets of flawless veneering techniques used by only 20% of furniture makers, carpenters and woodworkers

Not all rubber or silicone membranes and sheets for veneering membrane presses are the same.

The right choice of silicone or rubber membrane, blanket and sheet directly affects the final quality of veneering and production timelines by reducing the number of defective pieces.

Tear resistance comparison between ODZ45 and 300 SIL 50 BL membranes and competitor’s sheets.

We are not importers

Our supply chain and production process is entirely Italian and controlled. We are ISO certified, and each batch is traceable.

We deliver within 1-2 days

For urgent needs, we can even dispatch on the same day.

We can solve every problem

We have in-depth knowledge of our products and can solve any issue.

Optimize costs in the right way

We are not importers

Historically, liquid or oil membrane presses were the first ones to be used, but membrane and sheet air presses are currently the best choice on the market due to lower costs.

Don't buy membranes from the press manufacturer

Often, companies ask directly to the press manufacturer for replacement membranes and sheets. In these cases, the price is higher compared to specialized manufacturers and dealers.

Use rubber membranes and sheets

Use rubber membranes and sheets if your production process and production speed allows it. Rubber membranes and sheets are more durable and less expensive than silicone membranes and sheets.

Find the right balance of costs

Rubber membrane and sheet is top-notch

If you’re a carpenter or a woodworker and production speed isn’t your priority, rubber membranes and sheets are the right choice because they can withstand sharp angles. However, rubber starts to struggle above 100°C and loses its technical characteristics, leading to cracking.

Silicone membranes and sheets are ideal for fast-paced productions

To produce quickly, veneering vacuum membrane press temperatures must be raised. However, in this case, rubber is no longer a viable solution, and silicone must be used. Silicone is more prone to punctures, more expensive, but it’s essentially the only alternative for high temperatures.

Be aware that not all rubber and silicone membranes and sheets are the same

High quality rubber and silicone membranes, blankets and sheets must possess specific mechanical properties to ensure high resistance and durability during the vacuum press veneering process. In general, the properties that make membranes of good quality are:


High tear resistance at high temperature: rubber’s ability to resist to punctures and the propagation/expansion of a cut at a certain temperature.


High elasticity: rubber’s ability to return to its original shape after being subjected to a work load.


High elongation and high deformation capacity: achieving maximum elongation with minimal work load applied.


They do not stain and do not leave halos: tested for over 30 years with all types of veneers and veneering processes.


Good thermal stability: the ability to maintain mechanical properties over time even at extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, the membranes and sheets are manufactured according to very stringent specifications in order to achieve a perfectly uniform surface on the membrane and therefore on the product. Not all smooth surfaces are truly smooth.

Why are Comitec membranes different?


100% Italian supply chain and fast deliveries

For our customers this means not having to wait for uncertain lead times from Chinese manufacturers. This allows us to deliver on average within less than two working days.


More controls than ISO requests

We are ISO certified, and all our batches are thoroughly checked. We have chosen to add a second standard check because even small defects on membranes and sheets can leave traces on the finished products, and this can cause big problems for veneered items.


Proprietary compound

Mattia Villa, chemist and CEO of Comitecgroup, has developed two ideal compounds for rubber and silicone membranes and sheets for veneering operations.


Incredible customer support

Those who try our rubber and silicone membranes and sheets never go back to low-quality rubber and silicone found on the market. We can create tailor-made compounds for particular processes.

Real Testimonials:

We have been collaborating with COMITECGROUP SRL for several years now; we have found a capable and willing partner to follow us not only in the standard production phase, but especially in the innovative product research and development phase. Attentive to the good realisation even aesthetically of the product and responsive to the solution of discrepancies.

Barra Project International Srl

We have been cooperating positively with COMITECGROUP SRL for many years, particularly with regard to the supply of rubber and silicone membranes in the woodworking and related sectors. Top-quality products, but also a team of experts at the customer’s service to solve all kinds of problems. Absolutely recommended.

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