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Rubber and polyurethane technical articles

If you supply the technical drawing of the article you need to produce, we are capable of developing and producing the necessary mould and the perfect compound for the requested article. We can mould rubber articles with compression presses with dimensions up to 800 x 800 mm, we also have the know how to pour and mould both polyether and polyester polyurethane.

Thanks to the constant checks along our entire production line we are capable of guaranteeing constant high quality and reproducibility.

We produce more than 500 technical articles based on customer drawings.
Our standard articles, always kept in stock, include NBR rubber modular bellows, rubber and polyurethane sheets, rubber side boards for Dulevo road cleaning machines, polyurethane rods with various lengths and diameters.

The industries we serve with these articles are mainly mechanical engineering industries and the glass sector.

The constant development and research of new formulations which increase quality whilst reducing costs is one of our goals, without ever loosing focus on flexibility and being able to solve your needs and urgencies quickly.

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