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Reusable “VacuumSoft®” silicone bags

Our ‘VacuumSoft®’ bags are reusable silicone bags, used in applications where heat and vacuum are required. Our silicone bags are produced using an exclusive production process which ensures the formation of a unique part between the silicone membranes and the closing edge.

We have specifically designed the closing edge profile to ensure the safe and quick opening and closure of our bags. Our silicone edge closing profile is vulcanised on each of our bags instead of being glued. This production process ensures the complete absence of air leaks, also after thousands of cycles, and prevents the risk of the detachment of the closing edge caused by thermal deterioration of the glues generally used in similar products.

Initially developed for the lamination of curved glasses they quickly started to be used also for the lamination of flat glass, substituting the clamp closure system. Thanks to constant improvements, new and interesting fields of application have emerged such as the lamination of composite materials (carbon fibre/resin, fibreglass etc.) or for the infusion of fibreglass and also for the production of musical instrument frames.

Compared to our competitors our reusable silicone bags ensure:

Perfect vacuum thanks to our exclusive silicone closing profile edge.
Greatly increased lifespan thanks to the specially developed compound with specific heat resistant additives, which slow the aging of the silicone at high temperatures.
We offer the possibility to treat the silicone surface to increase its lifespan when in contact with chemical substances.
Perfect airtight closure thanks to the complete absence of glues.
The closing profile always remains in place, it doesn’t pierce and never becomes sticky.

We produce different versions of reusable silicone bags to be used in either autoclaves with pressures of up to 13 ATM or also for the use in ovens with very high temperatures. Our bags can be produced with various silicone qualities and thicknesses, with or without textile reinforcements and with personalised dimensions and shapes.

We also supply various materials and accessories for everything that concerns vacuum technology (visit the dedicated page), we supply uncured calendered silicone and rubber compounds for the production of bags and pressure intensifier pads which are used in the composite sector.

Download our catalogue to discover the different versions. Please feel free to ask for info in regards to personalizing your VacuumSoft® bag.

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