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Rubber, Silicone and polyurethane technical and industrial articles

Vacuum membranes, lamination and thermoforming

Comitec produces a wide range of natural and synthetic elastomer products for industrial applications. During the last thirty years we’ve specialised in the production of very high quality rubber and silicone membranes, and during the last years we’ve expanded our production capabilities introducing new products such as: silicone vacuum reusable bags, moulded, poured, extruded and die cut articles based on customer drawings

We offer our products and services to a wide range of customers, from machine constructors to dealers and also directly to end users. Silicone and rubber membranes are always kept in stock and therefore we can deliver most standard articles within 1-2 working days, all other products are produced upon reception of your order.

Products, services and quality: our only goal

All of our products are produced with high quality compounds developed specifically for the requested application.
We offer technical counselling and can test, in our laboratory, mechanical properties of the textiles, elastomers and other materials used in production processes.

An application for each material


In the furniture sector we supply:

  • membranes used in the veneering processes;
  • transport and process rollers for processing edges and profiles;
  • rollers coated with rubber or polyurethane, either smooth or with grooves.


Our flagship product in this sector is our reusable silicone vacuum bag used in the glass lamination sector. We also supply:

  • coated process rollers;
  • gaskets and protections;
  • bellows (expansion joints) used on industrial washing machines and CNC machines


Silicone membranes are used in the sublimation of colour on metal, we also supply coated rollers and wheels for the processing of metal sheets.



Our products are used for vacuum thermoforming operations of plastic materials in the following sectors:

  • Corian furniture design;
  • Car, aeroplane and train interiors

Composite materials

The silicone membranes and silicone reusable vacuum bags that we produce are used in the composite material sectors amongst which:

  • vacuum resin infusion;
  • processing of carbon fibre.

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