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Accessories for lamination and vacuum technology

Our VacuumSoft® reusable silicone bags can be supplied with various accessories fundamental for lamination operations.

Silicone vacuum valves and fittings

We produce three different silicone vacuum valve fittings for air suction on our reusable bags, these valves can also be used on disposable bags.

Our valves are made with the same silicone compound as our bags and this ensures that there are no temperature differences between the valve and the bag, and that no stains are left on the glass as often happens with standard metallic valves.

As for all of our products we’ve avoided the use of glues which greatly limit the lifespan of the valve and opted instead for vulcanisation.

These are the available valves:

  • Lateral exit silicone valve
  • Vertical exit silicone valve
  • Short H 40 lateral exit valve

All three models of silicone valve are interlocking and don’t need the use of glues and metallic parts, the first two valves must be used together with our silicone tube whilst the last valve can be used with the same tube you are currently using.

Together with the valve we also supply the necessary metallic fittings and the check valve.

Silicone tube

Our silicone tube has been specifically developed for vacuum operations, it resists up to 280°C and its designed to allow constant air suction also when bended.

Breather fabrics
  • Polyester breather fabric PET 180 g/mq. 160°C max. temperature, ideal for various application, highly breathable, it doesn’t stain and leaves no residue. After the first lamination operation it joins to itself and to the bag electrostatically.
  • PTFE fiberglass: PTFE coated glass fibre net. 250°C resistance, it allows the release of glues, adhesives and resins whilst being resistant to chemical substances.
Release sprays

Two versions available:


  • PTFE based, for the detachment of uncured silicone.
  • Silicone oil based, for the detachment of organic rubbers.
RTV silicone for repairs and fixing

Acetic activated RTV silicone (room temperature vulcanizing silicone) with excellent thermal and mechanical properties, ideal for repairs and minor fixings.
Our RTV silicone is tack-free in 15 minutes, 24 h is the necessary time for a complete vulcanization of 2 mm thickness.
Available in 310 ml cartridges to be used with standard caulk guns, together with the cartridge we also supply strips and patches of silicone for your needs.

Primer to increase the adhesion of silicone on plastic and metallic materials and also others.
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