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Silicone sheets, reusable silicone vacuum bags, rubber membranes

ComitecGroup: your partner for designing and producing industrial rubber articles

Our constant commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow and become specialized in the production of:


  • Silicone sheets and membranes capable of resisting up to 280°C;
  • Rubber membranes;
  • Vacuum products used in both thermoforming and sublimation.

Throughout the years we have built international relationships which have steadily grown thanks to three fundamental characteristics:

• Quick and efficient customer service;
• Know how;
• R & D and highest quality focus.

Our commitment in 6 points:


ComitecGroup was founded to offer solutions to customers that couldn’t find a trustful partner capable of supplying reliable products and materials which could ensure the necessary quality for their production processes.

Our aim is to offer quick and punctual deliveries whilst always focusing on top quality.

We supply our membranes, in both rubber and silicone, in various industrial sectors.



We aim, first of all, to solve your problems. Our approach to each issue starts with a careful analysis which allows us to propose a product capable of either solving it or greatly improving it.

We then follow up constantly with all of our offered products or solutions you chose to test, and if we don’t manage to satisfy your request completely we then start to develop new solutions in our internal R & D laboratory.

Your projects and your needs represent our future, for this reason we never underestimate any request and we do our absolute best to find the best possible solution for you.

Quality, research and innovation

The quality of our products starts with the selection of each raw ingredient, which we then check in our laboratory.

At ComitecGroup we focus on quality which must be ensured in both our finished product and also in our customer service.

Constant research allows us to increase productivity and develop new and more performing products capable of satisfying your requests.


Partnership approach

We chose to work side by side with all of our customers, because we believe in the importance of developing projects together, and finding the best possible solution and product, testing its reliability and efficiency, when possible, before delivery. Choosing ComitecGroup as your partner will ensure our constant assistance and support for all of your projects and production requests.



We are a family owned company, this allows us to quickly find solutions for most issues. Our company structure allows us to dispatch most products we generally keep in stock in 24/48H, urgent orders can often be dispatched the same day.

Employees development

We want all of our co-workers to feel fulfilled and part of our success, for these reasons we nurture their talent with ongoing training. The reliability of our production process is ensured by a specialized and motivated team capable of handling constantly evolving and improving technological processes.

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Countries in which we export

Years of experience

Our main products

Thirty years’ presence in various sectors have allowed us to develop the following product range:

Silicone sheets and membranes

Comitec’s silicone sheets and membranes are used in various industrial sectors, their main application is on membrane presses used for:

  • Wood veneering
  • Glass lamination
  • Solar panel lamination
  • Aluminium colour sublimation
  • Thermoforming of plastic materials

Our silicone membranes and sheets are completely smooth on one side and have a thin fabric pattern on the other side, they are all produced using highest quality raw ingredients.

We develop and constantly improve the silicone compound recipe to ensure enhanced performances compared to common silicone membranes available on the market.

Our silicone membranes ensure:

  • 700 % elasticity
  • High temperature resistance (peaks of 280°C)
  • Weather condition resistance

Thanks to these characteristics we keep discovering new uses for our membranes and sheets.

Natural rubber membranes

Comitec was founded in 1992 focusing initially on the production of natural rubber membranes used mainly in the wood veneering sector.

Our natural rubber ODZ45 membranes are completely smooth on one side and have a fabric pattern on the other side, they are also:

  • Tested to leave absolutely no marks on the finished piece
  • They ensure low elastic modules which allow the membrane to perfectly adapt to each shape that needs to be veneered
  • They guarantee high mechanical characteristics.

The production of our membranes begins with the selection of the highest quality raw ingredients which are then tested and combined in our laboratory in order to improve the compound recipe.

This process allows us to produce rubber membranes which ensure superior performances compared to other natural rubber membranes available on the market.

Our constant effort to improve performances, the constant monitoring of each production batch and the rapidity of our services are some of Comitec’s strongpoints.

VacuumSoft – reusable silicone vacuum bags –

Our VacuumSoft silicone reusable vacuum bags ensure:

  • High laceration resistance
  • High temperature resistance (280 °C peaks)
  • High elasticity

We originally developed them for the lamination of curved glasses, nowadays they are completely replacing the old mechanical clamp system also in the lamination of flat glasses ensuring a quick and safe closure.

We produce various models suitable for both standard lamination ovens and also autoclaves.

Nowadays our VacuumSoft silicone bags are also being used in other applications amongst which the coupling of different materials through thermoforming and resin infusion.

Our reusable silicone bags can be supplied together with various accessories:


  • Temperature probes
  • Specially designed silicone air suction fittings
  • Silicone tubes for air suction
  • Detachment fabrics
  • Breather fabrics

Technical articles – extruded, moulded, casted, with mechanical finishing

Thanks to the know how of our technicians we are capable of studying and developing special rubber and silicone compounds to be used for:


  • Profile extrusion
  • Technical industrial article moulding
  • Compression and Injection technical moulded articles (in small batches)
  • Technical polyurethane poured articles, based on customer drawing, in both Adiprene and Vulcolan with metallic internal structure
  • Plastic articles in PE, PTFE, PA, based on customer drawings (milled, turned and refined, pierced, etc.)

Coated rollers and pulleys

We are capable of supplying complete aluminium and steel rollers, finished as per customer drawing, coated with either organic or inorganic rubber or polyurethane.

Thanks to the technologies available at Comitec and at our partners we are capable of offering a wide range of products with various dimensions and formulations.

Contact us to discover our entire product range.

Accessories for both lamination and vacuum technology

  • Vacuum valves and fittings
  • Silicone tubes
  • Breather fabrics
  • Detachment sprays
  • RTV silicone for minor repairs
  • Primers

Visit our dedicated page.

A ‘green’ company

Comitec’s headquarters are based in the mountains close to lake Como, this location surprises many of our partners which are used to visiting companies on the outskirts of the major cities.

The choice of starting our business in such a beautiful location was made to create the prerequisites for the creation of a pleasant working environment, whilst creating workplaces for the local community.

Technology and knowledge

To ensure high productive performances all of our processing equipment is brand new and state of the art.

The reliability of our production process is ensured by our highly trained staff, by our investments which are aimed to constantly improve all aspects of our processes, by the constant analysis, in our internal laboratory, of all of the raw materials that enter our company and all of the finished products that exit it.

Years of experience solving problems and finding solutions together with our customers are the base of our know how, which constantly allows us to face new challenges.

Sectors and applications

Comitecgroup offers various elastomer products for different industrial sectors:

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Organic rubber
  • Inorganic rubber
  • Thermoset polyurethane

We can then study, develop and produce various articles with the requested characteristics.

Our most common articles are silicone membranes and rubber membranes, both used in various industrial sectors amongst which wood veneering, glass lamination, photovoltaic panel lamination.

Our products are used by some of the world leading companies and have been chosen for the quality and the reliability we ensure together with our service.

Here are some of the most common industrial application fields:

  • Wood veneering
  • Glass lamination
  • Photovoltaic panel lamination
  • Sublimation of colour on aluminium (resistance to 240°C temperatures)
  • Thermoforming of plastic materials
  • Lamination, resin infusion, pairings, gluing of composite materials

For your next project please keep in mind that there are infinite applications for our silicone membranes, we ourselves keep discovering new ones.

Wood processing sector

Our natural rubber and silicone membranes are used on ‘membrane presses’, their function is to veneer and coat a layer of fine wood or a plastic coating onto a wooden base. Comitec started its business in the ‘90s when furniture producers where having difficulty finding the right quality products, we therefore started developing our products focusing on high quality and a quick service. We first of all started commercializing natural rubber membranes and then, as technologies evolved and temperatures became higher, we started commercializing also silicone membranes. Considering the high presence of low quality imported products doesn’t meet the quality expectations necessary for particular applications, which need high quality products that require know how for their development, we started developing various products in polyurethane and moulded rubber particulars to offer more support to our customers.

Glass industry: lamination

Glass lamination is an industrial application that allows the production of both laminated glass and safety glass. Laminated glass is produced by bonding together two or more glass sheets with special plastic materials such as EVA, PVB, SentryGlas® interposed in between each glass sheet.

For this sector we also we produce and supply, to machine OEM constructors, particular details produced in small batches which can either be moulded or poured.

Photovoltaic industry

Our silicone membranes (both standard and with an extra protective layer) are used in the photovoltaic industry for laminating solar panels, during this phase the panel structure with the photovoltaic cells is paired with the protective glass sheet or with another protective material.
In certain cases, generally when the standard silicone membrane deteriorates quickly, it becomes necessary to use a special membrane with a thin protective layer capable of blocking the vapours that cause premature degradation of the membrane.

Colour sublimation on aluminium

This process is used to transfer colours and patterns onto aluminium profiles, the silicone membrane is fundamental to keep the aluminium profile in contact with the special film, whilst under vacuum. High temperatures are involved in this process, generally between 200°C and 240°C, our silicone (300 SIL 50 BL) can easily handle such temperatures in continuous whilst elongating the membrane’s life of at least 5-6 times when compared to our competitor’s silicones.


During vacuum thermoforming process of plastic materials our silicone membranes (300 SIL 50 BL) are used. These processes are common in automotive sector (thermoforming of the interior parts of a car) and also in the furniture design sector. Our membranes can ensure:
– Elasticity up to 750%, capable of lasting throughout time also after thousands of uses
– Perfect finishing of the surface
– Great resistance to tears
For all of these reasons they are highly appreciated from all of our customers.
We are capable of supplying custom made membranes, with particular shapes such as cubic or conical for example, designed for particular applications in which the profile is particularly complicated.

Lamination, pairing and gluing of composite materials

We supply various materials for the composite sector, mainly created with vacuum processes.
For example for the pairing or the formation of simple pieces and particulars we suggest the use of our VacuumSoft silicone bags with thicknesses from 0.7 mm up to 3 mm, whilst for the creation of complicated particulars or moulds we suggest the use of our raw silicone to be laminated directly at customer’s premises with traditional disposable bags in order to create a 3D silicone bag, we offer all of the necessary support for new projects and can supply all of the necessary release agents, breather fabrics etc.
Years of experience allow us to create 3D VacuumSoft bags with shapes based on your model or mould, to which we then apply to all edges our silicone closure seal.

Why choose Comitec

During the years we have specialised in the production of special rubber, silicone and polyurethane technical articles.
Our product list is completed with a range of coated wheels, rollers and pulleys, we also supply extruded products and particulars based on customer drawings either moulded with compression or poured.


Know how

Our products are the result of years of experience developed in close contact with prestigious Italian and foreign companies;


Tailor made

We don’t simply produce articles based on customer specifications, we cooperate and offer support in the development process, in order to offer truly tailor made solutions;


From the compound development to the finished product

We follow the entire production process to be sure we supply the perfect product for your needs;


Quick delivery times

We’ve always been proud of our ability to offer quality products quickly, most standard articles can be dispatched within a few days.

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